Version 2

Zootherapy is an animal-assisted therapy aiming to improve the health of the persons with physical, cognitive and social difficulties. The animal is carefully chosen and trained in order to become the intermediate between the client and the zootherapist. The presence of an animal can help dissipate or significantly reduce the client’s sufferings, fears, pains, etc. This mediation promotes the natural and beneficial relationship between humans and animals. All is done within an atmosphere of trust, confidentiality and respect.

Zootherapy helps clients by breaking their isolation, and allowing them to socialize, while reducing  stress and anxiety. In long-term and palliative care, zootherapy provides a sense of well being and respite. With learning difficulties, zootherapy improves self-esteem, communication and concentration.

It increases the sense of responsibility and stimulates learning.  In the case of intellectual deficiency (children and adults), zootherapy stimulates communication as well as participation in adapted activities depending on the needs and capacities of each person.