Sylvie Jones, T.T.S


Sylvie Jones graduated as a social work technician (TTS) in 1984 and obtained her bachelor’s degree in social work in 2017 from McGill University. She worked at the walk-in clinic of a CLSC, working with a diverse clientele. She also gained experience working with older adults during her work contract in palliative home care services as well as the various locations where she volunteered: a long term nursing home (CHSLD), Maison Alzheimer of Laval, and the palliative unit of Mont Sinai Hospital. During her university studies, she completed her internship at the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital of Laval, speech therapy of the pediatrics unit, offering support to the families.

In 2014, Sylvie received training from Zoothérapie Quebec.

Zootherapy and social work complement each other as they respond to the professional’s personality; the innate desire to help people and her love for animals. She is a conscientious person with good observation, communication and analytical skills. Sylvie Jones is trilingual and offers consultations to clients in french, english and spanish.

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