Caroline Way

Osteopath student

Caroline started her studies in Kinesiology at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. That background has allowed her to acquire the experience required within the physical exercise field and brought the first appreciation for the human body. After working as a personal trainer in two different gyms, she found that some of her client’s discomforts could be resolved with the help of a good program but unfortunately, some of them persisted. That’s when she knew they were going to need a different approach to cure their physical pains. To improve the quality of life of her patients and wanting the best for them, she has not hesitated to turn towards the osteopathy field knowing the goals are similar.

On the path of obtaining her diploma in osteopathy at the academy of osteopathy of Montreal (AOM), she is currently practicing her profession with passion. She is interested by the entirety of the patient, the situations that have been experienced and the post-trauma management. Her soft and professional approach will automatically put you at ease from the beginning. Caroline is an osteopath working at the psycho-optimal clinic in Laval. She receives babies from 2 years old, children, adults and elderly’s.

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