Andréanne Angehrn

Doctoral student in clinical psychology

Andréanne Angehrn attended Concordia University, where she graduated with distinction with a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in psychology, the University of Regina for her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and is currently a doctoral student at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

During her master’s degree, Andréanne completed over 700 hours of clinical training. The professional completed an internship at the Clinique Psycho-Optimale de Laval where she offered psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults, following a psychodynamic approach. She also offered group psychotherapy for children, focusing on anxiety, social skills, and mental and physical well-being in children with cardiovascular disease. In addition, Andréanne has acquired experience in neuropsychological assessment in children, teenagers and adults.

Andréanne is a recipient of scholarships and bursaries from the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR), the Government of Saskatchewan, and the University of Regina. Her master’s thesis examines the mental health of men and women police officers. Specifically, her focus lies in how women police officers experience a different organizational reality than that of their male counterparts, thus having repercussions on their mental health. Andréanne attaches great importance to the dissemination of knowledge with regard to psychology. Her research is published in empirical journals such as International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Cognitive Therapy and Research, as well as Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.

Andréanne offers psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults. She uses a psychodynamic approach. Using this therapeutic approach, she encourages her clients to communicate openly and freely about their issues, while offering them empathetic listening in order to promote in-depth personality development. Thus, the objective of this type of psychotherapy is to build on well-being in the individual, by working to highlight unconscious issues and unresolved past conflicts. With children, Andréanne uses play as a mode for psychotherapy. She offers a safe space where children can express their anxieties through drawing, play, and the symbolic.

Being perfectly bilingual, Andréanne offers psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessments in both French and English.

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