What is special education?

Special education is a practice in which the educator adapts his interventions to the needs of the student. This practice is based on the fact that every student is different and has individual educational needs. Interventions and evaluations of the learners who are likely to present learning difficulties or disabilities are individually planned and monitored in order to help individuals achieve their goals.

What is a special education consultant?

A special education consultant is a specialist in teaching students with learning difficulties and disabilities. His or her main role is to assess and identify the difficulties (reading/writing and mathematics difficulties) in order to provide services to remedy them by offering specific rehabilitation. Rehabilitation consists of setting up new work and organizational strategies and offering the necessary tools to the child to facilitate his/her success.

The consultant intervenes effectively with the students, in collaboration with the various members of the educational community (teachers, parents, other professionals), to better contribute to his/her success. In addition, its role is to support children in their educational path by proposing an individualized education plan adapted to the client and his/her specific needs, while targeting his/her strengths. The individualized education plan is a tool that facilitates learning and proposes various approaches to ensure academic success.

The special education consultant thus intervenes on an individual basis with your child, which allows an optimal framework and a fast progression. Moreover, the consultant is always available to guide and advise you in the success of your child.

The educational assessment to better understand the difficulties:

  • Highlights your child’s difficulties in cognitive skills, strategies and processes, mainly in reading, writing and mathematics;
  • Includes screening for learners who may have learning difficulties
  • Establishes an individualized education plan to determine the adequate rehabilitation.

The special education consultant can accompany your child with:

  • Learning difficulties/Learning disabilities
  • Homework
  • Organizational skills
  • Technological tools
  • Motivation
  • Time management skills
  • Reading, writing and problem solving
  • Awakening to reading and writing
  • Exam preparation

In short, whether your child has dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, an attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity ADHD, a non-verbal dysfunction syndrome, a specific or non-specific learning disability, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), an intellectual disability or a behavioral disorder, the special education consultant can help your child.

Tools that can be beneficial for children with learning difficulties / disabilities:

  • Antidote
  • Lexibar
  • Lexibook
  • Franklin
  • Word Q
  • Inspiration
  • Tap Touch

The special education consultants at the Psycho-Optimale Clinic in Laval offer sessions designed to familiarize you with the tools to better help your child.