The Clinique Psycho-Optimale de Laval is located in Laval and provides services to all members of the family: children, adolescents and adults. It offers services aiming the psychological and physical well-being of individuals. The Clinique Psycho-Optimale, which consists of several professionals from diverse fields of expertise, advocates an interdisciplinary approach, allowing for a continuity of services.

Sessions are available in both French and English. The Clinic currently offers psychological services, psychoeducation, sex therapy, audiology, orthopedagogy, zootherapy, and hypnotherapy. We are currently expanding, and will be offering you additional services in the next few months, including social work, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Why choose Clinique Psycho-Optimale de Laval?

The team of professionals at Clinique Psycho-Optimale de Laval Team uses an interdisciplinary approach and ensures a professional follow-up which is specialized, individualized and consistent with the contribution of many professionals. It regroups professionals from different disciplines in order to serve all their clients under the same roof. The client may give his consent* thus permitting the professionals of the Clinic to work in collaboration with other professionals in an effort to maximize the interventions made on behalf of an individual or family system. The clinic helps to facilitate and lighten the process when an individual or a family is seeking professional help.

*Numerous professions are bound by professional confidentiality; therefore, without consent from the client, the professionals may not discuss a case amongst themselves. Information divulged to professionals by clients remains confidential. Only the signed consent of the client permits professionals to work in collaboration with other professionals.